Resurfacing Repair Laser w/
Stem Cell Infusion

Non-surgical Skin Resurfacing
The erbium laser skin resurfacing aims to achieve dramatic improvements in your appearance through removing superficial and deep wrinkles on your face.

Known for being a painless procedure and requiring little downtime, the skin resurfacing laser is a mild and non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment.

Accompanied by a topical application of calecim and cryotherapy to nourish and soothe the skin after the laser treatment, the treatment enhances your complexion through combating problem areas to reveal a smoother, brighter and flawless complexion from within.

Filorga Baby Skin Booster

The aging effects of our skin are highly noticeable and hard to reverse. As our body’s first layer of protection, our skin endures the brunt of weathering and the harmful effects of UV from the sun, dryness in our highly air-conditioned city and more. As your skin ages, you may notice a loss of elasticity, roughness, looseness and lack of vibrancy. Often times, seeing a newborn child’s supple, smooth complexion makes one wish you could turn back the clock. If you ever had that thought, there’s good news ahead.

Filorga Skin Booster provided by us is a complete skin booster treatment that aims to help reduce the effects of aging on your appearance. The Filorga ® Paris Baby Skin Injection helps to turn back the clock on your skin, bringing out the younger skin under your epidermis.

Founded by French doctor Michel Tordjman at the end of the 1970s, Filorga has become a trusted name for highly specialised products for the regeneration of the natural, cellular skin structure. Their focus is on helping women to keep the youthful character of their skin for as long as possible, as well as to preserve a fresh and radiant appearance until a very old age
This treatment also incorporates red light technology to treat wrinkles, scarring by reaching directly into the oil glands and shrinking them, reducing the amount of sebum production. Cryotherapy and oxygen spray is also used to cool and soothe the skin after the therapy.


According to Ministry of Health regulations, we are unable to share any before and after shots or patient reviews. 
However, do visit our clinic so we can provide you with more information and images on potential results.