Fotona 4D Plus

Fotona 4D Plus

Fotona 4D VS HIFU for facial rejuvenation 

Fotona 4D with its unique Twinlight Erbium Yag and NDYag lasers is able to treat concerns such as loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles, prominent pores, jowls, nasolabial folds, neck lines and double chin. 

HIFU Facelift

HIFU - 3 defined depths 1.5mm /3mm / 4.5mm

Fotona - able to effectively treat from epidermal up to deep dermal layers and even subcutaneous  fat layer. Deeper depth of penetration is not always better but there are advantages to this, especially areas with excess subcutaneous fat like double chin and jowls. 


Fotona 4D vs 5D/6D 

The first 4 steps from the basis of the facial rejuvenation

1. Intra-oral Smooth Liftin

2. FRAC3 rejuvenation

3. PIANO skin tightening

4. SupErficial Peel

The other additional steps depend on the Doctor’s experience, which optional hand pieces the clinic has and whether the patient will benefit from these additional steps.


Fotona Basic (R33 and Ps03)


ME clinic - Fotona 4D+ 

The first 4 steps as explained above, then adding on some additional steps that patients may benefit from including but not limited to

1. Liplase for fuller and more defined lips

2. SmoothEye - improvement in fine lines around the eye and laxity 

3. Necklase - for neck lines, loose skin and double chin concerns

4. Tightlase - additional skin tightening step

Incorporating all these extra steps will add time to the procedure which can take 60 up to 100 minutes.

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