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Dr Mark Lim Weixiang

Medical Director and Resident Doctor
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), National University of Singapore, 2009
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS), Edinburgh
Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (GDFM), National University of Singapore
Graduate Diploma in Mental Health
Certificate Course on Practical Andrology
Certificate of Competence (COC) for Botox, Fillers & Lasers
Family Physician
Registered doctor with Singapore Medical Council
Dr Mark Lim is passionate about Aesthetic Medicine because of the relationships that he develops with his patients. “Family medicine consultations usually last about 10 minutes whereas in my aesthetic medicine practice, I get to spend more time talking with my patients while doing procedures. This gives me more insight into their personal lives and after a few sessions, my patients get to know me better as well. It’s very enriching to get to know people from different backgrounds and at different stages of their lives. 
Dr Lim firmly believes that the patient-doctor relationship is key to designing holistic improvements to his patient’s appearance. “Sometimes patients come in with specific treatment goals; for example, they may be focused on enhancing their chin with filler to achieve a slimmer face.  I would usually advise suitable combination treatments to improve its efficacy.
His ability to connect with his patients may stem from the training he received to obtain his Graduate Diploma in Mental Health. “I was particularly interested in the technique of Motivational Interviewing for behaviour change, in particular for weight loss. It’s a directed patient-centered counselling style to help patients explore discrepancy between their goals and their current behauvior.
As a doctor and a man, Dr Lim is passionate about men’s health in Singapore. He is a member of the Society of Men’s Health, an organisation dedicated to research, training and policy-making in the field of andrology—the management and treatment of men’s health concerns. Dr Lim has completed a Certificate Course in Practical Andrology. “Gynaecology is a well-established branch of medicine. Andrology is still a young field. Much of the current focus is on urology and sexual dysfunction, but there are more areas in which men need medical help.” In the meantime, Dr Lim helps men to improve their looks and self-esteem through various evidence based procedures.
Dr Lim treats both men and women in his practice. He finds that men are often as vain as their female counterparts. His signature treatments for men are facial rejuvenation, acne scar reduction and pigmentation removal, but he is noticing a rising trend in men seeking facial and body contouring. He also helps men reduce their waistlines and bellies.
Dr Lim’s niche areas are acne scar reduction and other beautification procedures such as lasers and fillers for peri-orbital rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle injections and double-chin treatments. Aside from his niche areas, Dr Lim has experience in using the Fotona SP Dynamis for treating a wide range of concerns. “The Fotona is a versatile machine that performs many types of non-invasive treatments from head to toe. The treatments can range from skin tightening to reduce stretch marks and excessive waist and flank adiposity; to face treatments such as SmoothEye eye bag removal and Liplase (for full and plump lips). It can even be used to treat snoring and early stages of hair loss. The technological advancement in aesthetics machines is quite exciting. The improvements mean that patients can get better results with fewer treatments and shorter recovery times.”
In his free time, Dr Lim enjoys sports and taking portrait photographs of his wife and daughter. His approach to photography is aligned to his guiding principles when it comes to medical aesthetics: highlighting unique features in each individual and not to blindly follow beauty standards. A person is at his or her best when the results are natural-looking and hence candid street photography is his favourite genre.